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We believe in an America where every child can get an unbiased public education rooted within our strong American values. Our mission is to be the E.A.R. for the parents. We do that, by creating educational literature and providing educational resources and events to the general public.

We promise:

  1. To hold school boards and administrations accountable to continually improving our children’s outcomes by making them live up to their goals and standards

  2. To maintain equal opportunity for all

  3. To keep politically biased, non-factual, and anti-American curriculum out of the classroom

Image by Anton Sukhinov

We keep tabs on what's happening in your District so you dont have to.

Check your district page here to see what is new in your district.

School Supply

We are in need of motivated parents and grandparents to join our Parents Brigade. This brigade will be ready to respond quickly to key school board votes and keep up with the district they are in to keep the Board of Directors informed on what is happening on the ground. If you are interested, please sign up below.


Check our resources to educate yourself on what is actually being taught and being told to our children in the classroom. Everything we have comes directly from source documents and first hand accounts.

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